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AVENGERS FIC: Redemption [Tony Stark/Loki, NC-17] 3/3

Title: Redemption
Author: Kipli
Fandom: Marvel’s The Avengers 2012
Pairing: Tony Stark/Loki
Status: Complete
Rating: NC-17/M
Warnings: Light Hurt/Comfort. Light Angst. Fluffy happy endings.
Word Count: ~27,500
Summary: Set just after the film. Loki is banished from Asgard and stripped of his powers as punishment for his actions against Midgard. However even if Stark accepts being Loki's steward, can he manage to keep him safe from the Chitauri?
Disclaimer: Not my 'verse, I just play with them.
Beta: Pixelin & Mareel <3
Dedication: For Pixelin
Notes: First attempt in this fandom. I had been looking for something in character and properly full of fluff and a genuine relationship. When I didn’t find exactly what I wanted, this happened. Leave it to Loki to tempt me into writing fic again. I never imagined I could pull off writing action adventure sequences. This fic has been such an intense ride to write. Please be kind, review, and hopefully enjoy!


Part 1 out of 3 Part 2 out of 3


Redemption 3/3


Tony felt like one ginormous bruise. It was as if someone had hit every inch of his arms and legs and the back of his head repeatedly with a soft-headed rubber mallet. Nothing felt broken, not yet anyway, but everything hurt from being squeezed to nearly breaking. Was this what it was like to be given a bear hug from Bruce when he was hulked out?

He slowly worked his fingers and toes, the muscles of his arms and legs complaining at the effort. He grunted at the spike in pain and Loki’s concerned gaze turned worried.

“You should lie still. Rogers can request medical assistance,” Loki insisted but Tony shook his head, not interested in letting some punk doctor from SHIELD poke at him. He instantly regretted the move as a headache throbbed to life. He paled and closed his eyes. “Please Anthony,” Loki begged softly. He felt the man’s other hand rest on his chest as he still had Tony’s cheek in his left hand.

Tony took a long moment before he opened his eyes again, the headache still prominent and overriding the pain from his limbs. He blinked up at Loki and then finally sighed, “You know I can’t say no when you beg.”

Loki’s worried look shifted into a smile of relief. “Thank you.” He bent and pressed the cutest little kiss to Tony’s forehead. Even back to himself, Loki was fucking adorable.

Tony hummed and teased, “See? One kiss and I’m all better.” He shifted to meet Loki’s gaze as he stayed near. Loki’s long hair fell forward and his eyes were magnificent even in the dim light of the tunnel. “I’m just a little sore. I’ll be fine. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, kitten.” Tony shifted up the short distance to capture Loki’s lips in a kiss. Loki nearly purred as he returned it. The kiss was sadly short lived as Tony broke it a moment later to rest his head back down. Loki was just all one happy smile above him.

“So we are both prone to falling for mortal hearts,” Thor stated as he came up to them. Tony had only just glimpsed the demigod’s appearance before things took a turn for the worse for him but somehow he wasn’t surprised Thor was keeping close tabs on his brother. He wondered a moment where Steve was but he hurt too much to look around. Knowing the old prude, he was probably off blushing in a corner. Thor continued as he knelt to Tony’s other side and looked to Loki. “I can now understand your drive for vengeance against his assailants.”

Loki sat back on his heels and straightened upright into a regal pose. He took in his brother with a look that held so many undertones. Tony had never before seen the man look at Thor with respect and understanding, and yet there was an undercurrent of pride in himself and a hint of daring Thor to tell him he was wrong for his choice in partners. The two men took one another in for a long moment before Loki spoke, “Thank you, brother.” His words were heartfelt and honest.

Thor smiled broadly and shook his head, “It was not my doing. You broke the spell and regained your powers by truly changing your heart and mind. It is not easy. I know it is a difficult road to travel but worth so very much once realized.”

“I never understood your transformation or your devotion to Jane,” Loki admitted. “It is… overwhelming…” Loki trailed off and Thor’s smile only grew at Loki. Loki’s expression melted Tony’s heart but he knew the man was still learning to deal with everything. It would take more than today to patch Loki up.

Tony grunted and broke in on the family bonding, “Oh god please don’t tell me we’ll be having Shakespeare in the Park every time he visits, will we?” He cocked a grin at Loki.

The man blinked and looked down to Tony, clearly not getting the reference but his attention dutifully returned to Tony. “You still require medical care,” Loki stated and moved to get up.

“No. Stay.” Tony reached for the man but groaned as his right arm instantly complained and rebelled at the idea. He dropped it back down immediately.

Loki cast him an adoring look and promised, “I will merely get Rogers and return.” He stepped away and Tony twisted his aching head back to watch Loki walk over to Steve who was inspecting something in the tunnel. Well at least he knew Loki could take care of himself just fine if SHIELD was stupid enough to try and capture him now.

“And you, Stark-” he heard Thor begin.

He closed his eyes and interrupted with a sighed, “Ya ya, the big brother talk. No cheating on him. No knocking him up. No hurting him or you’ll wring my neck. Yes sir. I promise sir.”

Thor gave a rumbling chuckle and countered, “No, I wished to thank you. I did not see the reasons for Loki’s choice of exile when he made it but he was right to pick you. Regardless of what transpires in the future, you have done him much good in the short time he was with you. He is… himself. I was not certain he would return from the abyss of his broken heart.”

Tony opened his eyes and took in the demigod kneeling beside him and thanking him for all this. “Ya, well… He’s more special than he gives himself credit for. He still has a ways to go but I think he’ll get there.”

“With you at his side,” Thor prompted. Then he leveled a firm gaze at Tony. “And yes I would find you if you dared to abuse his trust in you. It would not be pleasant.”

“Noted,” Tony chuckled nervously and brushed off Thor’s firm gaze as best he could by changing the subject. “So how’s dear old dad gonna take the news?”

Thor’s look relaxed some as he allowed the conversation to shift, “He will be proud. He will wish to meet you but he is not well enough to travel as of yet.”

Odin had been ill? Tony raised an eyebrow at the comment but let that slip for now. He’d ask Loki later. “You’re gonna have to prep me for that conversation.”

Thor laughed. “He is not so intimidating.”

Tony snorted and knew that had to be a complete lie.

Loki came into his field of vision again and Tony turned his head to the man. Tony’s features lit up just to see him near again. Loki on the other hand seemed confused and a little guarded as he came to sit beside Tony, holding his old cast in his hands. It was split open down the seam and some of the bandages were ripped off from where the ice that had torn the cast off Loki’s arm. Circuitry was exposed and the dim light of a power source. “What is this?” Loki wondered, his tone guarded. Steve came to stand just behind Loki, taking Tony in. The boy scout must have been looking at it earlier when Loki went to speak to him.

Tony blushed some and met Loki’s gaze, shrugging his shoulders at the question. “I had to keep an eye on you. I didn’t know what was going on.” Loki still looked puzzled and he continued to explain, nodding to the cast, “There’s a GPS signal in it. How else do you think I found you in that alley the other night?”

“Do you ever build anything simple?” Steve wondered.

Loki looked down at the cast and stated softly, “I believe this is how the Chitauri tracked us underground.”

“Damn it,” Tony swore and winced at not thinking of the possibility. “I’m sorry. It was a rush job. I was busy worrying about the hurt ex-god that fell onto my roof.”

He could see the hint of a smile on Loki’s face and the tension faded from his shoulders. Tony made a mental note to always be as truthful with Loki as the man had become with him. He had a feeling fights with Loki would be one hell of a thing when they happened and he wasn’t about to give them reasons to argue.

Loki tossed the cast aside as the sound of an ambulance siren rang from the street above. He met Tony’s gaze. Tony ached to be able to pull the man close and reassure him that the added circuitry to his cast was not done out of malice, not even at the time. Loki seemed to read his thoughts and whispered, “It is forgotten.”

A gurney was brought down and Tony felt a little ridiculous but seeing as he couldn’t exactly move from his spot he gave into Loki’s demands for medical care. “I’m not going to SHIELD. I’ve got a doctor. We’re going there.”

He was hefted over onto the board and Loki shot protective glances at the medics as he followed them out, distrustful of their ability to carry Tony up the rubble to the waiting ambulance.

Steve came up beside Tony as Loki looked ready to slice open the medics while they jostled Tony into the ambulance. “You have fun keeping him from killing the nurses.”

“If they try and jab me with anything sharp and pointy, I might let him.”


This hospital was filled with incompetent drones. He trusted no one except perhaps Anthony’s regular physician. The staff seemed preoccupied and ridiculously undertrained. Anthony just brushed it off as them being nervous with Loki’s hovering around him, not to mention their entourage of SHIELD agents. Thor had stayed behind to inspect the Chitauri ship and attempt to find out if it had travelled to Earth since the portal’s closing or if it had somehow survived the battle last week. He knew Thor was also making certain that SHIELD did not get their hands on anything that mere humans were not yet ready to possess. Rogers was in another nearby room seeing to his own scrapes. Loki had banished the SHIELD agents that accompanied them to the corridor outside. He was not having them listening in on himself and Anthony their entire stay here.

A nurse returned to the room and Loki folded his arms across his chest as he stood beside Anthony’s bed. She flashed Loki an appraising glance and seemed to approve of his appearance as she gave him a flirtatious smile. Were all the nurses in this hospital so sexually frustrated that they felt the need to ogle him?

“There’s number seventeen.” Anthony had taken to counting how many members of the staff had taken notice of Loki since they’d arrived. “Seriously baby you could have ruled this planet without the army.” He chuckled and winked up at him. The nurse joined them as she walked up to the other side of the bed. Anthony grumbled, “When can I get the hell out of here?”

As much as he disliked the attention, he loathed even more the look in the nurse’s eyes when she turned her gaze to Anthony. Only with a supreme force of will did he not smite her right then and there for the way she smiled at Anthony. Would everyone look at Anthony like that? He wanted to place a sign of some sort around Anthony’s neck that proclaimed he was taken, yet Anthony had only giggled and pulled him for a kiss when he’d said as much earlier.

“The doctor is still looking over your x-rays and tests. The trauma to your head was severe. We want to make certain everything’s fine.” She took in Anthony’s array of monitors. Loki couldn’t help wondering if she was only in the room to get a good look at himself and Anthony. It was clear Anthony’s readings had not changed.

Loki couldn’t help feeling subdued and rather tired of all the attention on the both of them. He wanted to get Anthony alone. He wanted to touch him and reassure himself that Anthony was whole. He wanted to know that nothing would change regardless of what happened today. Anthony was all flirtatious kisses and touches but did it mean Anthony felt all that Loki felt for him? He wished to be back to Anthony’s house as soon as the man’s wounds were seen to. He had questions and firm demands for Anthony.

A female voice rang from outside the room. Loki could hear SHIELD operatives dismissing her and her obviously ignoring the command. Who would demand entrance? The nurse frowned and walked her way back to the door. Loki tensed and readied himself against any would-be assailant. The nurse opened the door and Anthony groaned beside him as the sound of Pepper’s voice came clear and firm from the other side of their SHIELD guards.

“Let her in,” Anthony called and Loki cast a glance down at him. The urge to publicly claim Anthony as his only rose with Pepper’s presence.

The SHIELD agents moved aside and Pepper sighed in irritation, “Thank you.”

She dismissed the nurse as well and shut the door behind her, leaving the three of them alone in the room. She slowly walked to the end of Anthony’s bed, her gaze taking them both in. Loki held his position and did not falter in returning her appraising gaze. He could not read her expression or her mood. Was she here simply to see Anthony because he was injured? It seemed unlikely as her gaze shifted to settle on Loki once she stopped at the end of Anthony’s bed. “Steve says you’re back to yourself.”

Loki was surprised she was speaking to him and not Anthony. He kept his guarded expression as he replied simply, “I am indeed.”

“He says it’s because of Tony.”

He wondered a moment how Rogers’ retelling of earlier went exactly. The man was still not overly fond of Loki. “I would not allow the Chitauri to harm Anthony. I moved to act despite my shortcomings as a mortal. With that protective response, I regained my former self and slew them all.”

Pepper took him in, her expression unreadable, before she finally said softly, “Thank you.”

Loki blinked at the grateful tone. The last thing he expected from Pepper was gratitude.

“As much as I am annoyed with the man in the bed beside you, I’m glad he’s still here to continue to be a pain in my life.”

“Hey!” Anthony complained beside him. Loki couldn’t help a little chuckle as he looked down at his feet, not certain how to respond to Pepper’s words.

“What? You’re gonna argue that you’re not a giant pain in my ass?”


“Exactly,” Pepper snorted. Her expression shifted to apologetic as she went on, “I didn’t mean for SHIELD to storm your house or unwittingly point the Chitauri to Loki. I was worried. I thought maybe… maybe what happened to Clint was being worked on you.” Loki raised an eyebrow at the comment but he supposed it was not too farfetched a theory. “I didn’t realize… I didn’t do it to hurt you or him. I’m sorry.”

Anthony sighed from the bed and waved his hand in a dismissive motion, though it was weak since his limbs were still sore even with the painkillers. “You were worried about me. I knew that. I should have figured you’d go get some help no matter how much I’d pissed you off. It’s not your fault.”

Pepper took him in with all the monitors and sighed, “It’s a little bit my fault.”

“Well really only like fifteen percent your fault,” Anthony teased.

Pepper smiled some. “Ten percent. You’re the idiot that had to be a knight in shining armor and get yourself hurt.”

“No I think leading alien invaders to my house counts as fifteen percent responsibility.”

Pepper rolled her eyes and looked back to Loki. For a fleeting moment he saw the mix of emotions running through the woman. Distrust and hurt mixed with gratitude and acceptance. Then it shifted into a hard look as she stated flatly, “You hurt him and I’ll have Bruce use you as his personal punching bag.”

Loki raised both his eyebrows at the threat and he knew she quite meant it. “The beast will have no reason to quarrel with me.”

“Good,” she said and smiled, turning to leave. “I’ll be by in a few days to meet about the three new towers and the doubled budget for Potts Tower.”

“Doubled?” Anthony wondered.

“No arguing or I’ll tell him exactly where to tickle you to get you to giggle like a school girl.”

“May I bargain for that information myself?” Loki couldn’t help requesting.

Pepper cast a smile back at him as she opened the door out. “You gotta make it worth my while.”

“Doubled budget it is!” Anthony rushed to promise and Pepper skipped her way out of the room.


Fuck did he hate hospitals. It took another hour for the results to come back negative for any head trauma and for his doctor to prescribe a slew of relaxants and painkillers until his abused limbs stopped complaining so much. His legs weren’t up for the walk down to the car but he still felt ridiculous as he was pushed in a wheelchair down the hall to the elevator. Loki walked beside him.

They paused for the elevator and the male nurse clearly looked Loki up and down. “Twenty-eight,” Tony announced and earned an all-suffering sigh from Loki. It amused him just how much attention Loki earned himself. The counting was both a tease and a way to brush off everyone and their mom checking out Loki. It didn’t do any good to tell them all to fuck off and stop it. Honestly he couldn’t really blame them for taking a look anyway. He made a mental note to show him off sometime soon. There had to be a ball or charity event coming up. Los Angeles was full of them. Whatever it was they were definitely going dressed to kill. Once he could stand again. Minor details.

“I got it,” he heard Steve’s voice as the man dismissed the rather disappointed male nurse and moved to push Tony into the elevator as it arrived. The GI Joe was back in his camouflage from earlier.

“You’re still here?” Tony wondered as the three of them stepped into the elevator and Steve hit the button for the ground floor. Loki eyed Steve but stayed quiet, ever protective of Tony even with Steve.

“I, uh, I wanted to catch you before you left.”

Tony raised an eyebrow at the comment but went on to question, “I hear you told Pepper about earlier.”

Steve nodded and looked to Loki. “I wanted her to know how it went down.” He sighed and shifted on his feet some. He looked more unsure of himself than Tony had ever seen him. He knew the man was old fashioned but was this really bothering him that much? He let Steve collect himself, staying quiet and taking the man in. Finally Steve stated, “I’m not sorry I came to check on you. I would hope you’d answer the call to check on me if I was seen harboring the enemy.”

Tony shook his head at the last line but still answered, “He wasn’t a threat even before things moved away from platonic with me and him.” Loki smiled some and looked down. “But ya, I know, Cap. I know why you showed up and I’m glad you cared enough to come check on things.”

Steve’s gaze flicked up to Loki and then back to Tony. It was clear the man would rather have Loki gone from Tony’s side for this conversation but it wasn’t happening, and not just because they were currently stuck in an enclosed elevator. Steve finally sighed and said with soft admiration in his voice, “You should have seen how he took them all down. It was like a dance. None of them stood a chance.”

Tony cocked a smile at the memory of it and admitted, “I saw a lot of it. He was breathtaking.”

Loki reached to squeeze his shoulder lightly.

“I saw how he was going to attack them even before he was back to himself,” Steve stated. “He was livid. I almost believed he could rip them apart even as a mortal. He was that upset.” Steve sighed and shifted his gaze to Loki. “I don’t know if leopards can really change their spots so quickly. If I hadn’t been there, I probably wouldn’t believe it. But I did see it. You did good today.”

Tony looked up at Loki. The man blinked at Steve but nodded, accepting the praise. “I promise no harm will come to Anthony.”

Steve straightened as the elevator dinged and the doors opened. “I hope not. You’ve got a long ways to go earning any kind of trust. But as of right now, you’re not my enemy.”

Loki cast an appraising gaze onto Steve. “Then you are not mine.”

Of course Steve would feel the need to formally announce this to Loki. He pushed Tony out of the elevator and the three of them headed for the exit.

“So when you dropping by our neighborhood again, Mister Rogers?” Tony joked to shift the mood, though neither man with him got the play on Steve’s name. “You gotta take some time off from watching sweaty army men and come by for some drinks.”

He heard Steve chuckle behind him. “I’d like that.”

Tony’s mood lightened all the more as he spotted his assistant Hogan and one of his cars waiting for them at the curb with a Burger King bag in his hands.

“Oh my god, I love you,” Tony proclaimed, reaching tired hands toward the bag as Hogan handed it over. He dove for the burgers, pulling one out and instantly unwrapping it. He stuffed his mouth with the delicious beef and looked up at Hogan taking in Loki. He spoke with a mouthful of burger, “Hogan, meet Loki sexy demigod of Asgard. Don’t piss him off. Loki, meet the best fucking driver ever, Harold Hogan.” He took another bite and announced, “Loki’s staying with me. We need beer and my bed. Immediately.”

Loki blushed a nice shade of pink as Steve cleared his throat. “I am pleased to meet you,” Loki said as he offered a hand to Hogan. The man looked at the hand like it might bite him before he carefully reached to shake Loki’s hand.

Tony moved to stand and Loki rushed to help him into the car. Tony glanced back at Steve and demanded, “Drinks. Later. Don’t flake out of me, old man.”

Steve cocked a grin at him and nodded. Tony slid into the car limo with a grunt and pulled himself across the bench seat so Loki could join him. He reached up and instantly turned on the tunes as Hogan shut the tinted door after them and came around the car to the driver’s seat. Rock music filled the car at the perfect intense level. Loki raised an eyebrow at him but he merely offered the man a bite of his burger as he slid up against Loki. The man’s stunning eyes met his and damn he could swoon himself at the intense look in his eyes. Loki ignored the burger and kissed him. Oh ya, that was definitely the better option. He set the burgers aside and deepened the kiss as he felt the car pull away with them.


Anthony had immediately removed his leather jacket but otherwise the two restrained themselves to deep, hungry kisses. He twisted Anthony’s top in his fingers and ached to remove it. He wanted to prove to himself that Anthony was whole and sound and still lusted for him after this intense day. He needed the reassurance. He wanted to know that he did not have to be weak in order to appeal to Anthony. The kisses certainly soothed those worries as the man drove him mad with merely his lips and tongue.

They only broke for air as they pulled into Anthony’s home, the two of them a panting mess as Hogan rolled his eyes and got out of the vehicle to open their door for them. “Gonna need some help, sugar lips,” Anthony teased him and Loki grinned as he slid out first and easily helped Anthony out of the car. He effortlessly took Anthony in his arms, picking him up, one arm around his back and the other under his thighs. Anthony giggled the most adorable laugh at being picked up. “My hero!” He looked to Hogan and dismissed him. “I’ll call ya later. Send my thanks to Pepper.”

“Don’t hurt yourself again,” Hogan warned, eyeing Loki.

“He is in competent hands,” Loki assured, taking slight at the comment. He effortlessly carried Anthony into the house.

“Good evening, sir,” came Jarvis’ voice as they came through the living room. “I am pleased to see you’ve returned in one piece.”

“Of course, never better.” Anthony wrapped his arms around Loki’s neck and kissed him. Loki’s steps faltered a moment as Anthony dipped his tongue between his lips and flicked it up against the roof of his mouth. This man would be his utter undoing.

“Might I suggest Loki’s room, sir? Yours is still rather… untidy.”

Anthony chuckled against his lips as Loki took the stairs up to the bedrooms. The kiss broke as a chime sounded. Loki had no idea why it made Anthony grumble but he guessed the reason as he snapped, “I’m not interested in talking to anyone right now, Jarvis.”

There was a pause as Loki made their way into his bedroom, then Jarvis announced, “I’m sorry sir, it’s Nick Fury on the line.”

“Definitely not talking to him,” Anthony growled as Loki took them to the bed and set him down. Anthony reached for him, pulling him on top of him and onto the bed.

“He seems to have acquired Phil’s touch for overriding my protocols.”

“Fuck I’ve gotta update those,” Anthony sighed.

Loki toed off his own shoes and did not still in his kisses to Anthony’s neck as the distinct sound of SHIELD’s director came on over the intercom. “I hear you’ve been having some fun over there in LA, Stark.”

“I’d be havin’ more fun if you’d leave me the hell alone,” he sighed in return, arching up against Loki and sucking in a breath as Loki nipped at his skin.

Loki shifted upright and ran his hands over Anthony’s chest possessively as he straddled the man’s hips. He adored the look in Anthony’s eyes as he lusted for him. They would have to be slow and careful but Loki was fine with both.

Fury’s voice countered, “I don’t take kindly to being left in the dark, Tony.”

Loki slowly slid his hands back up Anthony’s chest, gently pulling the fabric up his chest. Anthony kept Loki’s gaze as he answered Fury, “You have your little secrets. I have my own.”

“We need to speak with him,” Fury demanded.

Loki bent to press kisses up Anthony’s bruised and battered stomach, moving his way up his chest.

“Oh he is really busy right now,” Anthony hummed in response.

“Don’t get cute with me, Stark.” Fury’s tone shifted toward demanding. “You will bring him in for questioning.”

Loki slid off Anthony’s top and tossed it behind himself. He bent to kiss Anthony deep on the lips, letting it linger on, making Fury wait, before he ended it with a wet smack. Anthony groaned softly against his lips.


“Ya, you kinky bastard?” Anthony panted.

There was a noise of disgust from Fury. Loki would enjoy teasing Fury more in the future but right now he was rather tired of the distraction. Loki smoothly spoke up, his voice silken and sultry, “I will be pleased to answer your questions, Mister Fury, at a later date.” Loki ran his hands over Anthony’s bruised arms. “I am currently working on soothing Anthony’s battle wounds. Please do speak with Pepper Potts to arrange a later day for my questioning.”

“Loki! This cannot wait. You must-”

“Oh but it can…” Loki sighed and Fury’s voice faded as Loki disrupted the cell phone signal, ending the call.

“I would rather like to know that trick,” Jarvis commented.

“No more calls, Jarvis,” Anthony growled and pulled Loki down on top of him.


The painkillers were taking the edge off but his limbs still ached as he tugged Loki’s top off, tossing it aside. Loki bent to kiss him again, rolling his hips down against Tony’s, and all Tony could do was moan and weakly rub back up against him. Loki broke the kiss and met his gaze, lust and adoration in his gorgeous eyes. “Lie back and allow me, darling,” Loki soothed against his lips.

Tony’s heart skipped and he literally shivered at Loki’s first use of a pet name for him. Oh god yes he liked that a lot. Loki gracefully moved up and slid off his sweatpants, grinning down at Tony as he stripped him as well. He paused just above Tony and his gaze roamed his body, taking note of any particularly colorful bruise that was forming on his skin. He shifted to press the lightest of kisses to Tony’s bruises. He moved from one on his lower right arm to his bicep, then over to his left arm. Tony sighed and closed his eyes at the treatment. He knew Loki regretted each and every one of them but it still melted him to see Loki attempting to kiss them all away. He sighed as Loki shifted down the bed and kissed his right hip before giving his legs the same treatment.

The man spread his thighs gently and kissed down his outer legs, moving back and forth from leg to leg as he kissed bruises, then made his way back up Tony’s inner thighs, brushing a smooth, beautiful cheek against his thigh. He felt the man’s tongue unexpectedly on his balls, earning a deep moan from Tony long before Loki wrapped his mouth around a ball and suckled. “Shit,” he gasped and spread his thighs a little further apart. Loki’s mouth moved to suckle his other ball and his tongue darted out to lick back behind his balls. There was something all the more intoxicating to have Loki here with him, touching him, teasing him, when the man could just as easily leave and do as he wished. He was not forced to stay here with him any longer yet he did stay. He wanted him.

Loki’s mouth released his balls and he moved to press wet, sucking kisses up along Tony’s cock. He looked down to see strands of dark hair covering Loki’s face as he swirled his tongue around the head of his cock. Tony moaned low and reached a hand out, weakly brushing back his bangs and twisting his hair. Loki looked up at him, the possessive glint in his eyes sending a shiver through Tony.

“This is mine,” Loki commanded, his voice as smooth as honey. He licked his tongue over the head of Tony’s cock again.

Oh fuck yes definitely yours,” Tony gasped, tugging on Loki’s hair.

The possessive look shifted into something softer as he sighed, “I will not share you.” There was a hint of concern in his voice. He was no fool. He had to know Tony’s past.

Tony met his eyes with honesty of his own as he whispered, “You won’t ever have to.”

“You swear it?” Loki asked with the honest, open look Tony had come to adore.

“I swear on everything I am, Loki. I am only yours.” Loki’s smile was like a beacon of happiness. Christ, he could get addicted to makin’ this man smile like that. He tugged on Loki’s hair and murmured, “Come back up here…”

Loki dutifully slid up his body, covering him and letting Tony pull him for a deep, adoring kiss. With a god as your partner, who needed to sleep with anything else? Loki shifted and pressed his firm cock against Tony’s, one of his hands going to wrap strong, long fingers around both their cocks. Loki stroked the both of them and Tony moaned into the kisses, rolling his hips up against Loki’s touch. The man was just fucking intoxicating in every goddamn last way.

Tony broke the kisses with a gasp and nipped lightly at Loki’s smooth chin. “We need lube. Now.

Loki chuckled low and husky against his chest and murmured, “Oh never worry over that again, darling.”

A moment later and Loki’s hand released his own cock, taking just Tony’s. His next stroke up was slick and wet. Tony’s jaw dropped open as he looked down to find Loki had conjured lube onto his hands and was swiftly slicking Tony down with a coy grin.

Oh god,” Tony gasped knowingly and Loki’s grin widened.

“At your service,” Loki purred and shifted, moving up Tony to straddle his hips again. He lowered himself down onto Tony’s cock.

Wait, don’t you need to, oooh shit,” Tony devolved into a groan as Loki took him without stretching. The stunning man above him tossed his head back in a low moan, hands pressed to Tony’s chest at either side of his arc, back arched as he pushed down completely to rest his cute little ass against Tony’s hips.

Okay ya, that was now his favorite fucking thing about dating a god. Was there really never going to have to be time spent stretching the man again? And fuck he could swear he was even tighter than last time.

Loki trembled delicately above him as he slowly collected himself before he began to roll his hips, grinding Tony’s cock inside of him. He opened his eyes and looked down at Tony, his bangs falling forward. He smiled an adorably teasing smile and bit his lower lip, digging his short finger nails into Tony’s chest.

Loki,” Tony gasped and rolled his hips slowly in time with Loki’s pace. He reached up and pulled the man down closer, wanting his weight on top of him. Loki pressed his flat chest against Tony’s and kissed him in a slow, wet kiss.

Tony’s arm went around him. He wrapped them possessively around his upper back, clinging to the other side of Loki. His other hand moved to help rock Loki’s hips, gripping his left hip firmly as the man moved against him. He could feel Loki’s hard cock pressed against his own stomach, pinned between them. The whole feel of Loki pressed against him was different in all the right ways. Hell, Loki was different than anyone before him, in all the right ways, and not just because of the male body pressed against him.

The kiss broke as the two of them gasped for breath. Loki rested his forehead against Tony’s and their eyes locked. Loki’s magnificent eyes flashed with passion and lust, adoration and trust. He swore he could see right inside of Loki. This man was his and he could see just how intertwined their hearts had become with one look into Loki’s eyes. He would sacrifice anything to keep this man safe. And he knew without a doubt in his mind that Loki would do the same for him. He had only to remember his sacrifice mere hours ago.

Tony wasn’t one to say anything on a whim. He joked, he teased, but when he meant it, he meant it. His mouth worked against Loki’s as he felt the words rarely uttered form on his lips. He was Loki’s and there was no reason not to say them. Because he felt them. Oh did he feel those three little words. More than ever before in his life.

I love you,” he mouthed more than spoke the words to Loki.

Loki seemed to melt on top of him, a surprised gasp his first response. Then Loki’s gaze filled with utter devotion as he whispered back, “I love you.

Tony tightened his hold around Loki’s upper back and kissed him with all the passion he could pour into it. He moved them into short little bounces, thrusting up against Loki’s rolling hips. The two of them built together. Loki eventually ended the kiss with a whimper, his trembling stilted moans filling Tony’s ears as he closed his eyes. Loki had the prettiest long lashes against his pale flushed skin. Tony moaned his name over and over again as the two of them clung to one another. Only as Loki came did Tony close his own eyes, jaw dropping open as the man went tight around his cock while he felt Loki’s cock pulse and his seed cover Tony’s stomach. His hips jerked and his body shook in Tony’s tight hold on him. He loved that he could get Loki to come so hard every time. His own climax quickly rushed over him. He thrust in deep and kept his cock buried inside of Loki as he came, giving a strangled cry as it washed over him.

They melted into one tangled mess as they came down. Tony stayed inside of him as long as he could stand it but his sensitized cock was making his trembling go on and on still buried inside of Loki. He pulled out and felt himself finally come down. Loki whined in protest and Tony pecked his lips. Loki positively purred with happiness at the move and shifted his weight off Tony, sliding onto his side beside him, and tucked his head under Tony’s chin as he had the last time. The two of them lay panting and content together. Loki nuzzled against his neck.

Oh ya. Loki was definitely a kitten.


The remainder of the evening and the following day was spent in bed. Loki demanded it as Anthony recovered and regained his strength. Of course, that did not stop him from having his way with Anthony, but there was hardly a force in all the realms that could have stopped them from that activity. The day after that Pepper sent in a work crew to clean up Anthony’s bedroom and rebuild his windows. With people in the house, he and Anthony had to at least dress and attempt to see to business. Anthony was still stiff in his movements but overall he was doing far better, able to get up and around on his own. They spent most of the afternoon downstairs in his lab. Loki enjoyed merely watching Anthony work. The man fixed up his robot Dummy and then set about tinkering with some new contraption. Loki adored the way Anthony’s mind worked. The man would be a genius on any realm, he was certain of it. Only when half the day was gone did he bother to begin answering the questionnaire Pepper had sent along from Fury and SHIELD as prep for their meetings in the following days. Most inquires were deemed too unimportant to answer seriously and many of his answers were merely musings on Anthony’s heroic actions and perfect smile. They were both quite important details.

Only as the afternoon waxed into evening did the work on Anthony’s room cease. They saw the crew out and Anthony insisted on cooking omelets for dinner. Loki raised his eyebrow at Anthony’s sudden decision to cook but he was shooed out of the kitchen while Anthony ‘worked his magic’. Left alone, Loki wandered the home, still not having seen each room. He found himself out on the balcony as the sun disappeared over the horizon, already out of sight, but its bright rays fanned out over the water and faded into orange and purple. This planet was so very different from Asgard and yet he felt at home here. He had no wish to spirit Anthony away to Asgard. He was content here. He would have to find something to do with himself but in all honesty he wished nothing more than to spend the foreseeable future at Anthony’s side.

He sat on a large lounge chair and folded his legs up underneath himself, watching the sky turn darker and the yellows mellow into oranges and then into blues.

He could feel the difference inside himself. He was calmer. He was more certain of his life. He knew no matter the twists of fate, he had Anthony to weather them with. He would prove his father wrong. He would make something of himself not out of spite or to get his attention. No he would do as his heart deemed right for no one but himself. He would not dwell on the past. He would embrace his future. He would embrace himself.

He heard Anthony’s footsteps and looked as the man joined him, pride on his face as he set a rather ragged looking omelet on a plate down onto the small table beside Loki, along with a glass of juice. “For you.”

“Thank you,” Loki smiled up at him and reached to pull the man down onto the lounge chair with him. Anthony happily bounced down beside him and pulled out one of his display devises, tapping the screen and moving his hand up. The blue outlined sketch of a hovercraft of some description floated up above the screen in a 3D model. “So? What do you think?”

Loki raised an eyebrow at him. “It is rather like the Chitauri personal vehicles from the invasion.”

“Exactly. Only it’s got my rocket boosters in it so it can actually take corners.” He spun the model and it formed a skin over the sketched exoskeleton, a green and black paintjob with gold highlights covering it as it slowed to a stop. “I thought maybe you’d like to not be carried everywhere. In case, ya know, Nick Fury has more of a brain than I think he does and recruits you.”

Loki melted instantly at the details to the color scheme but he was mystified by the entire conversation. “Recruits… me?”

“Well ya. I’m not really goin’ anywhere without you so he might as well make it official. Why do you think he wants so bad to talk to you anyway?”

“I thought… to make certain of my intensions on Midgard?”

Anthony shrugged, “Ya sure that’s the official reason but he’d be stupid not to want you on his speed dial too.” He spun the model again and pouted just a little at Loki, “Don’t you like it?”

“It’s marvelous,” Loki sighed appreciatively, clear surprise and wonder in his voice. Anthony beamed with pride that he did not bother to cover up and Loki giggled, pressing a kiss to the man’s cheek. “Thank you. I cannot wait to see it completed. The colors are fantastic.” He paused a moment, thinking back to their quick flight across Los Angeles, and then added, “I may need goggles.”

Anthony snickered and pressed his own kiss to Loki’s cheek. Loki reached to take the devise away from Anthony, setting it aside. “Watch the sunset with me, darling.” He picked up the plate of food and snuggled back up against Anthony’s side. He tried some of the omelet and even though it was rather unpretty it was delicious.

He felt a kiss to his neck as Anthony’s arms went around his waist. “I’d rather watch you, baby.”

Loki met his gaze and found himself instantly lost in Anthony’s deep brown eyes. They held the world for him. They held his future.

Through so many disappointments. Through so many upheavals in his life. Through so many callous words and abusive actions. Through so much strife and hurt.

He had finally found home.


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