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AVENGERS FIC: Redemption [Tony Stark/Loki, NC-17] 2/3

Title: Redemption
Author: Kipli
Fandom: Marvel’s The Avengers 2012
Pairing: Tony Stark/Loki
Status: Complete
Rating: NC-17/M
Warnings: Light Hurt/Comfort. Light Angst. Fluffy happy endings.
Word Count: ~27,500
Summary: Set just after the film. Loki is banished from Asgard and stripped of his powers as punishment for his actions against Midgard. However even if Stark accepts being Loki's steward, can he manage to keep him safe from the Chitauri?
Disclaimer: Not my 'verse, I just play with them.
Beta: Pixelin & Mareel <3
Dedication: For Pixelin
Notes: First attempt in this fandom. I had been looking for something in character and properly full of fluff and a genuine relationship. When I didn’t find exactly what I wanted, this happened. Leave it to Loki to tempt me into writing fic again. I never imagined I could pull off writing action adventure sequences. This fic has been such an intense ride to write. Please be kind, review, and hopefully enjoy!


Part 1 out of 3


Redemption 2/3


Loki was still sitting on the sofa with his hands in his lap when Stark returned to the main room.

“Well. That went about as well as I thought it would.” Stark sighed and came to collapse at the opposite end of the long, curved sofa from Loki.

“I am sorry,” Loki said quietly, looking to Stark as he settled into an exhausted pose, slumped on the sofa and face in his hands.

“Not your fault.” Stark rubbed at his face with both hands. “Definitely not your fault.”

“But I did kill Phil Coulson. It was right of her to be angry with me.” Loki’s gaze returned to his hands. “I am responsible for many more deaths besides his. I do not deserve pity or mercy.”

“Oh no, Princess. No pity party, please.” Stark dropped his hands and looked over at Loki as the dark haired man met his gaze. “I designed weapons to protect this nation and my company sold them to terrorists. How many lives do I have on my hands? Hm?” He reached for the tumbler on the table beside the sofa, pouring himself a glass of scotch. “It’s not about who you were. It’s about who you are. Life is all about choices and you gotta make the right ones as they come at you. You can’t sob over what happened last week or last year.”

Loki blinked as Stark handed him the glass and poured himself another. “Is it not early to drink?”

Stark laughed darkly, “It’s never too early to drink.” He downed the shot and called out to the computer, “Jarvis, we still need pizza.”

“Already on its way, sir.”

Loki looked down at the glass of liquor in his hands. It was a dark amber that reminded him quite a lot of Stark’s eyes, if he were honest. He swirled it some in the glass. He could hear Stark pour himself another.

“I am a monster.”

Stark sighed beside him, “Oh no please don’t-“

“I am not Asgardian,” Loki interrupted, still taking in the swirl of the amber liquor.

Stark’s mood shifted from dismissive to interested, looking at the man beside him, “Thor said you were adopted?”

Loki could not help the sneer that formed on his face at the mention of his would-be brother telling Stark and likely all of SHIELD that he was adopted and so not truly his brother. Where were your blasted family ties then, Thor? He sighed and closed his eyes. He let that hurt fade for now as he continued, “After the final throes of battle with the Frost Giants, Odin found a small baby. I was a runt and left to die. He enchanted my features, changed me to look as an Asgardian, and took me home with him. He claims love but it was tactics, always tactics with Odin. I was but a pawn in some peace agreement scheme of his. All my life he claimed to love us both but I always knew he loved Thor more than me. He has always favored him. Why should he not? He could not favor the son who was truly one and the same with the monstrous men mothers told stories about to their children. He could not have a Frost Giant as king of Asgard. He could not… he could not even see me ever as Thor’s equal. No matter how hard I tried, I was never good enough… I tried so very hard but he never praised…”

Stark shifted down beside him on the sofa, tapping Loki’s glass with a rugged finger. “Down the hatch.” Loki looked up at Stark beside him, emotions laid open, and confusion over the comment on his features. “Drink,” Stark commanded.

Loki sighed and brought the glass up, taking the entire shot as Stark had done. It burned all the way down and he coughed in surprise. He was used to mead and beer not something as strong as this, certainly not with the form he was forced into currently. Stark chuckled beside him and slapped his upper back as Loki sputtered and attempted to collect himself.

“It’s good stuff, right?” Stark filled Loki’s glass again and Loki eyed the liquor with slight distaste. He felt Stark shift beside him and settle with his back against the sofa. “So what do you Frost Giants look like then? You’re tall I’ll give you that but not exactly giant.”

Loki couldn’t help smiling just a little at the tease and glanced to meet Stark’s questioning gaze just beside him. “I am quite small for a Frost Giant indeed. They are… We are masters of frost and ice. We have markings along our skin which is a deep shade of blue-“

Stark snickered beside him and wondered, “So you’re giant Smurfs?”

Loki blinked at the reference and raised an eyebrow.

Stark brushed it aside with a wave of his drink and continued, “So you’re really blue?”

Loki raised both eyebrows now at Stark’s preoccupation with this point. “Yes.”

“I’ve never seen you all blue and monstrous.”

“Well currently I believe I’m human thanks to Thor,” Loki answered, wondering what Stark was getting at.

“Earlier though. Taking over the Earth and all that. You could have been blue. It might have been intimidating, might not have been. It would have pissed your brother off though.”

“I like this form better,” Loki responded flatly.

Stark pointed a finger at him. “Exactly.”

“What? Exactly what?” Surely two drinks were not enough to send Stark into inane ramblings but he seemed to be far too preoccupied with this entire point.

Stark leaned in closer still and Loki had difficulty focusing on the man’s words as he leaned in so close. “Exactly that. You like this form best. You feel you like this, right?” He waited for Loki to nod before he went on, “You feel lied to and it hurts that your Asgardian parents lied and your biological parents left you to die but you aren’t Frost Giant or Asgardian.” Loki blinked, thoroughly confused. Stark smiled as he continued, “You’re you. You’re Loki. Something a little of both.”

Loki shook his head at the idea. “I do not think myself so unique.”

“Narcissism is good, take it from me, it keeps you focused on what’s important - yourself.” He snorted and leaned back against the sofa again, downing his third shot. “Thanks to Odin you have your life, a life that no other Frost Giant has ever been given. You can pick traits from whatever side of the family you like. It sounds pretty awesome to me.”

“It is not,” Loki said flatly.

“Don’t be a sourpuss.” He looked back to Loki and sobered as he added, “No one grows up in the perfect family, Loki. No one. We all have our daddy and mommy issues. My dad never noticed me either, no matter what I built for him, and then he died. Life isn’t about getting praise from your parents. We deal with what we’re handed and we move on. Be better than Odin. Be better than the mother who left you to die. Prove them both wrong.”

Loki stared into Stark’s deep brown eyes. It could not be so simple. He could not just toss aside all that had happened to him in his life. The bitterness and the anger were too great to merely let go of in an instant. Yet something inside of him knew Stark was right. The honesty on Stark’s face as he confided about his own father and childhood hit Loki firmly in the chest. The butterflies in his stomach mixed with the liquor to give him a warm glow of hope at Stark’s emphatic statements. Could he be right?

The intercom beeped as the food arrived. Stark brightened and moved quickly to his feet. “Breakfast!”


The giant pizza box was laid open on the coffee table. Tony sat on the floor beside Loki, their backs against the sofa’s lower half and Tony’s legs spread out underneath the coffee table, Loki’s folded up in front of him. The pizza was nearly gone and Tony had washed more than his fair share of it down with scotch. He was feeling full and content in a wonderfully warm sort of way beside Loki. The thin man still picked at one last piece of pizza but Tony was more than done. He had poked Loki more about his life growing up in Asgard and how exactly he came to leave that world. Tony had talked in turn about his childhood and tried to draw parallels for Loki. It wasn’t too hard to do.

He closed his eyes and leaned back against the sofa, rolling his head back against it. Maybe today wasn’t meant to be a workday. One of the perks of being eccentric and owning your own billion dollar company was working when you felt like it. He let out a contented hum and knowingly shifted toward Loki, resting his head against the man’s shoulder. He could feel Loki stiffen nervously beside him and Tony grinned, eyes still closed. He asked smoothly, “So there’s no pretty Asgardian women sobbing that you’re gone now? Hm?”

“I…” Loki croaked and Tony’s grin grew.

“Come on. The women can’t all be as burly as Thor. You’re a handsome guy. Girls gotta go gaga for those pretty eyes of yours. You haven’t mentioned any girls.”

Loki cleared his throat and countered, “You have not mentioned any either.”

Tony chuckled with his eyes still closed, “Well I can start on that list but it’s gonna get fuzzy after about fifty or so.”

“Please do not,” Loki replied with some distaste in his voice.

Hm, and Loki was jealous too. Interesting.

“It all started with this red head tutor who had the cutest little butt-“

Loki shrugged off Tony from his shoulder and moved to get up. Tony opened his eyes then and slid his arm around the man’s waist, keeping him sitting beside him on the floor. Loki shot him an annoyed look.

“Girls are too much trouble anyway,” Tony soothed and let the full force of his charisma fill his gaze as he took in Loki. “Guys?”

Loki slowly turned a shade of pink even as he seemed lost in Tony’s gaze. “A few…” Loki gasped in response, trailing off as he turned pinker still. “None that lasted any length of time. I am not… They do not stay.”

Tony filed that bit of information away as he tightened his hold on Loki’s waist and pulled the man’s side tight against his own. Loki stiffened and gave him a confused look.

“You are drunk,” he stated firmly.

“Warm and fuzzy,” Tony clarified.

“You are upset over Pepper.”

Tony shook his head. “I wasn’t kicking you out because of her.”

Loki blinked at him and wondered, “You picked me over her?”

“Well, I…” Tony trailed off as he considered the comment. He hadn’t looked at it that way. Maybe he had. “I guess I did.”

Loki relaxed some beside him. There was a quiet moment and Tony was lost a bit in thought, contemplating his own actions. Well ya, he wasn’t too worried about Pepper. They might not be dating any more but she’d come around and still be in his life at least. He just needed her around. She was family. On the other hand, Loki… there was just something… something redeemable and heartbreaking about the man, not to mention that ass of his and his beautiful-

“Men?” Loki broke the silence and Tony had to blink to focus on Loki again.


“Are there any men tossed aside by the great Tony Stark?” Loki asked pointedly, his silken voice a tease with the words.

It was Tony’s turn to blush a little as he cleared his throat and shook his head. “No.” Loki’s features fell just a little. The dark haired man was positively transparent, wasn’t he? Tony smiled warmly as he slid his hand up from Loki’s hip to brush along the thin fabric at Loki’s far side. “So you’ll have to teach me a thing or two for once, huh?”

Loki positively shivered beside him at the simple touch. God Loki did have it bad for him, didn’t he? Tony ran his hand down Loki’s side and slipped fingers underneath the back of his shirt, brushing against the smooth soft skin of his lower back. Loki stiffened and pulled away from him again. His tone grew sharp as he snapped, “I am not a toy. I am not a one-night experience to play with. I will not be your distraction from-”

Tony kissed him. Loki stiffed and pulled back but Tony’s arms wrapped around the man and his mouth dropped open, suckling on Loki’s lower lip until the man moaned and parted his own lips. The kiss was wet and hungry as Loki gave into it, his hands twisting in the front of Tony’s tank top. He tasted amazing with scotch on his lips. It was different. The form pressed against him was definitely male but it was a nice kind of different.

Tony gave a possessive little growl as the kiss ended and he opened his eyes, taking in what could only be described as the swooning form of Loki in his arms with his eyes still closed. “This isn’t just today,” Tony breathed in a husky pant.

Loki’s eyes flittered open as he met Tony’s gaze. Christ he had the most stunning pair of eyes Tony had ever fucking seen. “I hope that is the truth of it,” Loki sighed. He shifted forward, moving to sit sideways on Tony’s lap, his thigh pressed against Tony’s hips as he wrapped long arms around Tony’s neck and kissed him this time around.

Oh god yes,” Tony moaned into the kiss, arms going around the man’s waist. He could feel a grin against his lips from Loki before the man bit his lower lip lightly. Tony’s mouth happily dropped open for the man and he tilted his head to one side as the kiss smoldered and grew deeper. His hands returned to Loki’s back and dipped again underneath his shirt, pushing it up and running fingers along Loki’s smooth skin. He twisted the shirt up in a hand at Loki’s upper back and slid his other hand around to his front. He went with what he knew and brushed his palm up from Loki’s stomach to his flat chest, teasing his thumb over a nipple. Loki’s moan in response was all the encouragement he needed. He circled it slowly as he suckled on Loki’s tongue. He slid his palm over to do the same with his other nipple and he could feel Loki’s tremble as he did the move again. Then he lightly tugged on the nipple and the man moaned into the kisses, rolling his thigh down against Tony’s hips.

Oh this was going to be quick the first time around, wasn’t it?

Tony rolled his hips forward, rubbing himself up against Loki’s thigh and letting the man clearly feel just how much he wanted him. Loki broke the kiss with a gasp, his fingers threading into Tony’s hair. “Anthony,” he crooned and opened those magnificent eyes to look at him. One thing Tony instantly hated about this situation was the fact he couldn’t pin Loki to the floor and have him right here. Time for a little foreplay and a lot less clothing, then.

He pushed the coffee table further away from the sofa with a shove and pulled the both of them down onto the floor, hands reaching to tug off the Black Sabbath t-shirt from Loki. He tossed it across the room and raised his own arms as Loki’s firm grip was pulling up his own tank. It went flying to join Loki’s shirt somewhere and Tony made to kiss Loki again but the man pushed Tony over onto his back, straddling him as he ran fingers over Tony’s chest. Loki’s long locks fell forward in soft strands as he bent forward and kissed Tony just behind the ear. The sweet kiss ended with a light nip of Loki’s teeth. “Oh yes baby,” Tony moaned as Loki continued on with the same treatment, pressing kisses and nips down his neck and chest.

He watched Loki take in the arc in his chest, the metal standing out some and the inner workings glowing blue in the soft midday sunlight that came in through the far windows. Loki ran a finger over the front of it and for the fleetest of moments Tony wondered if he was foolish to let this man so freely touch the arc. Then Loki met his gaze and all his worries vanished. This wasn’t the same man. Loki’s gaze was filled with wonder and adoration and want. He bent again to press a kiss to the arc itself, then continued his way to Tony’s right nipple. Tony’s eyes rolled back and he moaned at the firm suck and deliberate tug to it with Loki’s teeth. Tony’s hands moved to thread into Loki’s long hair and twisted in it as he did the same treatment to his other nipple before moving his way down his stomach with the sweet, nipping kisses.

He willingly lifted his hips as Loki tugged at his sweatpants. There was the most adorable squeak of happiness from Loki as Tony’s hard cock sprung free. He ripped off the last of Tony’s clothing as he pressed the same kiss to the base of Tony’s cock. “Oh god,” Tony moaned, jaw hanging open as he watched Loki’s bruised red lips press kisses up the length of his cock.

Loki grinned from behind his bangs and murmured in a tease, “Oh god indeed.” He swirled his tongue around the head of Tony’s cock before he wrapped his lips around it and sucked, slowly taking in more of him with a hum.

The cocky little amazing fucking bastard. Tony could not believe the sight in front of him. Loki’s long delicate fingers wrapped around the base of his cock. Loki’s lips red and wrapped around his girth. Loki’s amused and hungry eyes met his gaze as he took the better half of his cock in his mouth. Tony twisted fingers in Loki’s dark hair and couldn’t help rolling his hips, dying to have this man in so many ways. Loki placed one hand on his hip but still allowed him to thrust some as he started to bob his head on his cock, humming happily as he did so. Tony couldn’t handle the sight. He closed his eyes and tossed his head back, moaning freely as he struggled to hold back a little longer. He felt the hand on his hip slide down to cup and lightly squeeze his balls. A finger stroked the backside of his balls and slowly slid back further…

Oh shit!” Tony cried as he came, having no time to warn Loki about it, but the man didn’t seemed bothered at all. He growled and continued his bobbing, taking a little less of Tony’s cock in his mouth. Then he felt him swallow and Tony moaned all over again at the sensation. Few women wanted to taste him let alone swallow him but Loki seemed fucking pleased to do both.

The last of his climax washed over him as Loki released his cock with a wet smack and stroked him twice as he licked his lips. Tony opened his eyes to see him looking as pleased as a damn kitten.

Come here,” he growled and pulled Loki up to him again, kissing him deep and tasting himself on Loki’s lips. Goddamn that was even better than scotch on his lips. He bit lightly at Loki’s lower lip as he slid hands down Loki’s back to cup his ass through the thin sweatpants. The man on top of him moaned and rolled his hips. Tony could feel just how rigid Loki was beneath those pants. Again, it was different, but not a bad different.

He tugged down the sweatpants, letting Loki kick them off, as he rolled them onto their sides and broke the kiss. He propped himself up on an elbow and gently pushed Loki to lie on his back beside him, running his hand from Loki’s shoulder down across his chest. Loki was a beautiful shade of pink next to him. His cheeks and his chest were a brilliant shade of it and he looked the most honest and open Tony had ever seen him. The want and the need in his eyes were tempered by happiness and adoration. Oh god did he have it bad for you, Tony.

He bent and kissed the man softly on the lips, his hand sliding down Loki’s stomach to brush experimental fingers against Loki’s firm cock. The man whined into the kiss, deepening it as he thrust into Tony’s touch. Tony wrapped his fingers around Loki’s cock and slowly stroked as he broke the kiss, pulling back to look at the man again. He was beautiful. There just wasn’t any other word that would do. The man was gorgeous. Even his hard, long cock was a lovely shade of red and pink against his pale skin. Tony stroked him, squeezing on the up strokes and rubbing the head before each down stroke. Loki looked up at him with such want and hunger in those beautiful eyes. He couldn’t get enough of merely taking the man in. It was both a foreign experience and a sight he was sure, even if he’d done this before with someone else, he’d want to take in with Loki.

He finally bent to press kisses of his own to Loki’s neck and chest, feeling the man tremble and gasp beside him. He swirled his tongue around Loki’s nearest nipple and earned himself a moan of the most delicious sort. He sucked hard and then nipped at the soft skin before he kissed his way over the flat chest to his other nipple. He gave it the same treatment as he continued to slowly stroke Loki. The man squirmed beside him, his fingers moving to thread into Tony’s hair. One beautiful moan led to another as he teased the man by his nipples a while longer before he kissed his way down Loki’s chest and stomach, shifting further down on the floor.

Loki’s eyes flew open as Tony took in his cock up close. It was pretty fucking perfect, if he had anything to say about it. He slowed his strokes to a stop and held him by his base, tossing a grin up at Loki’s wide eyes as he flicked his tongue out against the head of his cock. Loki jerked beneath him. He released Tony’s hair and clawed at the floor instead, digging fingers into it as Tony licked his lips and tasted him again. It wasn’t unpleasant. Far from unpleasant. He shifted and wrapped his mouth around the pretty little head of his cock. “Anthony!” sounded Loki’s surprised shout as he came instantly. Tony felt the vaguely familiar squeeze and pulse of Loki’s cock before he tasted seed. Really he didn’t know why girls hated the taste. Again Loki’s was anything but horrible. He rolled it around on his tongue some as he sucked and felt another pulse rush through Loki. The man trembled and shook beside him. Tony finally settled on swallowing and then dropped his jaw open, testing out just how much of Loki he could take. He was disappointed with his progress and quickly pulled back with a gasp.

Ohmyohmy,” gasped Loki over and over again as he took in Tony. Loki lay still trembling on the floor. Tony merely licked his lips and resolved to get more time practicing that maneuver. He was somehow sure Loki wouldn’t mind.

Tony sucked in a deep, steadying breath as he moved to sit upright. Loki still looked about ready to turn into a puddle beside him. He cocked a confident grin and carefully moved to stand up, reaching for Loki.

“Bed. Now.”


He could scarcely believe that Stark was half carrying him up to his own bed. His feet didn’t quite work and his head was in a happy daze. He could still taste Stark on his lips and he wanted more. He leaned heavily against Stark’s naked body as he took the two of them upstairs. Loki’s human legs were far too weak. They didn’t seem to be functioning right now. He clung with his good arm around the man, staring dreamily at the man as they climbed the stairs. He thought perhaps at the very most Stark would touch him. He had not been prepared for Stark to taste him and it had all rushed to overwhelm him too quickly. He blushed at the memories but Stark didn’t seem upset about his quick finish. Far from it.

They reached Stark’s bedroom and he called out, “Give us some shade.” There was a light beep and the sunlight coming in through the windows dimmed as the windows themselves tinted a darker shade.

“Would you like some mood lighting as well, sir?” came the computer’s rather sarcastic comment.

“No but you can fuck off now, Jarvis,” Stark grumbled at the machine and picked up Loki. Loki gave a not so dignified squeak at Stark picking him up and carried him the last few steps to the large bed.

He was set down gently and swiftly covered by Stark as he kissed him. This was far more comfortable than the floor downstairs. He wrapped his good arm around Stark as he felt the man’s solid weight cover him. The arc was cool against Loki’s chest and sent shivering reminders through him of who the man on top of him truly was. Stark thrust down against him with a roll of his hips, sending a moan from Loki as he felt the man firming against him once again. He found him so attractive? He had been certain the man was all tease and no real interest. His only last worry was that he was merely a conquest and nothing more to Stark. However, even if it were so, he was going to damn well enjoy this day.

Loki wrapped a leg up around Stark’s thigh, thrusting up against the man as the two of them kissed on and on. He dragged his good hand down Stark’s back, running short nails down his skin. Stark growled into the kisses and thrust harder against him. Loki cupped the man’s firm ass and dug his fingers into it. Stark broke the kiss with a gasp, groaning deep in his broad chest as he panted against Loki’s lips. He met the man’s deep brown eyes and shivered at the want he saw within them. He could feel Stark completely hard against him again.

“I… Oh Loki…” He sighed and thrust his hips again, looking at a loss for words for once. It was a little endearing to see Stark not certain how to start any of this.

Loki’s voice rang low and seductive as he purred, “Fuck me.” Stark’s jaw dropped open and he moaned just at the request. Loki’s voice rang as more of an order as he demanded in his silky tone, “Take me now, Anthony.”

“Yes sir,” Stark gasped against his lips. He shifted his weight up off of Loki and dove toward a nightstand. Loki dreamily watched the man with the arc in his chest and a beautiful cock standing upright all while he dug into a drawer for lubrication. This had to be a dream. Life was never so good to him. He shifted his position on the bed, resting a head on a pillow and rolling onto his stomach. He heard the other man grunt as he likely found the lube and then felt the bed shift as he slid up beside him. Loki turned his head to look at Stark and could not stop the adoring smile that formed on his lips. The man had the lube and looked a little lost how to start. He probably knew the mechanics; he just looked shy about where to start. “One finger at a time. Slowly. Get to three and then slick yourself down.”

It was Stark’s turn to shiver next to him at the simple commands. “Yes sir,” he sighed again and pressed the sweetest of kisses to Loki’s shoulder as he moved to cover him. He hoped his mortal form was rather like his usual one but he had reasons to believe it was so. If he had magic he could of course speed the process up but they were forced to do things by hand, literally.

Loki gasped as he felt Stark press soft, wet kisses across his shoulder and down his spine. The man stopped every inch or two to kiss him and that alone had Loki swooning. Stark shifted down and rested his body further down the bed, settling between Loki’s legs. He felt the kisses hit his lower back and he was certain the man would stop there and begin to stretch him but he did not. He continued, his firm hands going to Loki’s ass and spreading his cheeks apart.

Anthony,” he mewed as he felt the man’s tongue brush over that puckered skin between his cheeks. He had not told him to do that and it sent all new shivers through him to realize he had decided upon it all on his own. Stark teased a moment more with his mouth before he felt a slick finger push against him. “Yes,” Loki gasped and rolled his hips back against the slowly stretching finger. He felt a bite to his right ass cheek as Stark gently pushed that finger into him completely. Loki growled happily and rolled his hips back again. He wanted him. He wanted him now.

Stark was far too gentle and yet it melted him so completely how slow he was with just a finger. He gently pushed in completely, then rubbed all along his walls, stretching and driving him mad. He finally had to gasp, “Another… Oh please…

Stark obeyed immediately, sliding out the one finger and pushing in with two. He felt another bite to his ass cheek and heard a moan from Stark as he pushed both in deep and began to stretch all the more along his walls. He felt kisses along his lower back as Stark started to thrust with those two fingers. “Yes! Another!

He heard Stark chuckle low and husky as he pulled out those two fingers and slid in three. It was tight. Loki hissed but he didn’t tell him to stop. He wanted Anthony so badly. He rolled his hips back and helped guide his stretching, panting heavy against the pillow. This time Stark took the lead and slid his fingers out but Loki had no complaints on the time spent stretching him. He felt Stark move to cover him and his solid weight against his back as he rested a hand there and with the other guided himself in.

Yes!” Loki gasped as he felt the head and then the entire length of Stark’s cock fill him. There was a low, surprised moan from Stark. The man moved forward, covered his back, and slowly rolled them onto their sides. He felt Stark all down his back and deep inside. He felt the arc pressed against his spine. He felt Stark’s arm go around his chest possessively and wet kisses to his neck as the man rolled his hips, sending moans from Loki’s lips that he could not stop.

The kisses trailed up behind Loki’s ear and then Stark suckled on his earlobe before he asked in a low, husky voice, “Do I feel good, Loki?” He rolled his hips a little more intensely.

Loki shuddered in his arms, his good hand reaching to cover Stark’s on his chest. He answered in a breathless gasp, “Yes.

“Tell me what you want,” Stark growled into his ear.

Loki gasped at the demand, his mind barely working enough to form true sentences, as Stark continued to roll his hips at a slow pace. “I want… I want you…

“How do you want me, Loki?” Stark demanded. His hand on Loki’s chest slid down his stomach to wrap firmly around Loki’s hard cock.

Loki opened his eyes and looked back at the man over his shoulder. How was he not so surprised that Stark was a fucking tease even here, like this? He met the man’s lust filled dark gaze as he answered, “I want you in every way.

There was a flash of tenderness in Stark’s gaze and he stretched to kiss Loki’s lips. He started to thrust slowly into him. He moved his hand back up to wrap around Loki’s waist, holding him still as he took him at a slow, firm pace. The kisses were tender and never ending as Loki stayed twisted back to face Stark. It was overwhelmingly gentle as the pace stayed slow and the two of them built to a climax together. The heated rush to finish tempered into something more spectacular. Only as they neared the peak did Stark falter in his pace, breaking the kisses with ragged breaths. Loki met his gaze again and held it as he laid half twisted around to see Stark. The other man flashed nothing but want and need and tenderness in his eyes as they both gasped against each other’s lips. Stark drove forward, whining softly as he struggled not to climax first. Loki shook in his arms as he clung to the edge a moment longer. Then he came. He softly cried out as he spilled onto the bedding and squeezed around Stark’s cock. He closed his eyes and a moment later he felt Stark join him, filling him, groaning his pleasure.

The two of them lay gasping in the bed as they came down. Stark too soon to pull out and Loki whined his complaint but the move did still their mutual trembling. Stark reached for him, turning Loki to face him completely, and merely pulled the man against his chest. He didn’t think Stark was usually prone to cuddling and he smiled to himself as he tucked his head under Stark’s scruffy chin.

He fell asleep curled up against Stark. His dreams were filled with a warm radiating glow of gold and red. Nothing could touch him.


The beeping was really starting to annoy Tony. He grunted and tightened his arms around Loki curled up against his side. He had rolled onto his back at some point and the lanky man had attached himself to Tony’s side, head still tucked under his chin. Even still half asleep, Tony’s hand slid down Loki’s back, cupping the man’s ass. The room beeped again and a voice sounded but he ignored it. Too happy. Whatever it was could go away.

The tint to the windows disappeared and bright late-afternoon sunlight streamed into the bedroom. Tony groaned and threw an arm up to cover his eyes underneath the crook of his elbow. “Jarvis whatever the hell it is-“

“Steve Rogers has climbed the perimeter gate and is attempting to gain entrance through the main door.”

“Oh god,” Tony groaned as he moved his hand to rub at his face. What the hell was he doing here? Tony’s head was not in the mood for company, much less this particular company.

Jarvis stated with some irritation to his voice, “His attempts are not successful. He is growing agitated. I fear he will bash in the front door control panel.”

Tony groaned again and he felt Loki stir beside him. “Let him in. Tell him I’m coming down.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Tony snorted at the curt reply from Jarvis. The tint to the windows returned. Tony blinked his eyes a few times before they focused again in the softer light. He turned to look at Loki just waking up. The man must be in one hell of a happy sex coma. Tony beamed with pride at the thought. He pressed a kiss to Loki’s forehead and whispered softly, “You stay here, hm? Rest up for when I get back?” He squeezed Loki’s ass and got a happy, sleepy giggle from the man.

He pressed another kiss to the man’s forehead and slid away from him with a grunt, sitting up and swinging his legs over the edge of the bed.

Loki stretched out an arm toward him as he got up. “Where are you going?” he murmured, still looking half awake. Loki’s bangs fell forward over his face and he smiled coyly up at him from the bed.

Fuck the man was sex on two legs.

“We’ve got unexpected company. I’ll be right back, baby. Just let me get rid of them.”

Loki pouted from the bed as Tony tugged on a new pair of black sweatpants and a thin tank top that the arc’s light glowed through from behind. “I’d rather have you right here instead…” Loki purred, his outstretched hand brushing over Tony’s side of the bed.

“Oh sweet cheeks you have no idea how much I’d rather be there right now,” Tony hummed back at him, bending to steal a kiss from Loki as he tied the cord in his sweatpants. They parted with a smack of their lips and he promised, “Be right back.”

He could feel Loki’s gaze on him as he stepped out of the bedroom, a gaze not unlike an indignant cat upset over being left behind. Tony smiled and headed downstairs humming to himself.

“You look happy. Nice nap?” Steve instantly snapped at him the moment he spotted Tony. The man was in modern camouflage military attire, which was a little odd but somehow suited the living GI Joe.

Tony padded barefoot into the living room and brushed fingers through his hair in a hopeless attempt to try and fix it. “The fuckin’ best nap I’ve had in a long damn time,” he answered truthfully. He crossed the room and left Steve behind as he walked to the kitchen. He could hear the man’s heavy boots following after him. It was definitely time for lunch. Maybe something he could eat off Loki’s stomach… He opened the fridge and went digging for the frozen cheesecake in the back. He tossed it onto the counter to defrost some and looked through the various boxes of takeout food in his fridge for something still edible. He pulled out a box and opened it, inspecting the contents.

“Jarvis tried to wake you up for like ten minutes,” Steve accused, arms folded over his chest as he stood in the entryway to the kitchen. “I got a little worried.”

“How sweet,” Tony sighed and set the box aside, mentally marking it as a maybe, before he went to open another box. “Pepper call you? What the hell did you do, fly out on a sonic jet?”

“I was on base in San Diego.”

“Now there’s a winner of a vacation. Weren’t you going to hit some beach somewhere?”

“I got bored.”

“It’s called finding some company, old man. Flirt with a local girl for once and defrost that-“

“Where is he?” Steve cut him off.

“Upstairs.” He made a face at the box he’d opened and instantly turned to toss it into the trash behind him. That was a firm no go. He glanced to Steve as he turned back to the fridge. The man looked crestfallen. Tony paused and raised an eyebrow at him. “What?”

“He was upstairs with you?”

For a split second Tony weighed the possibility of lying to the man. He could hide this. They had separate bedrooms. Steve was merely jumping to obvious conclusions, since he probably saw their tossed aside clothes in the living room. Loki had it so bad for him he’d probably go along with the lie. Yet the thought was quickly tossed aside. If Loki was a woman he wouldn’t hide him, rough history or not. To hell with everyone else, they could think whatever they wanted.

The chain of thought took Tony just a moment before he nodded firmly, accepting the idea. He looked back to the fridge to grab another box of takeout, “He’s probably still pouting that I left him alone in the bed but Captain America himself decided to bust in on our sex coma so what ya gonna do?”

Steve’s jaw dropped open as he gaped at Tony’s blunt response.

Tony sniffed at the old pasta and seemed to remember he had it the night before last. It still smelled good. He decided on it and reached for a plate to reheat it. “Really Cap’n, you’re in the military, this shouldn’t come as such a big damn surprise.”

“You date women,” Steve said pointedly, before he rushed to add, “And usually not ones that tried to kill you a week ago.”

Tony barked a laugh at the comment and tossed the plate full of pasta into the sleek microwave to reheat. He looked back at Steve. “We’re workin’ through that and making some real progress. Did you know he’s really blue all over? Like a Smurf?”

Steve gave him the same blank expression Loki had given him at the pop culture reference. God could he get someone from his time period and/or planet to get his jokes? Steve shook his head, “Pepper said you’re looking after him? Mentoring him? Why didn’t you contact SHIELD when he first showed up here? How do you even know he’s really mortal? He could have escaped Thor and bewitched you.”

“Is that Pepper’s theory? I’m bewitched?” Tony snickered and leaned back against the counter, arms crossing his chest defensively as he took in Steve. “It started out as a little tough love and mentoring, ya. He’s got some issues. Clearly. But don’t we all? He’s been straight with me, discussions wise anyway.” He winked at Steve and the man paled some. Tony sighed and went on, “I didn’t contact SHIELD because I don’t trust them. What would they do to him? Lock him up somewhere nice and clean? Probably not. They’d work him over for information on the Chitauri and anything else they could get out of him. He’s here to learn humility and empathy and ya, I don’t see him learning anything but hate stuck in a shit hole like that. I’m not doing that to him.”

“No. Apparently you’d rather bed him.”

Tony couldn’t help a smile at the disgusted look on Steve’s face. “Don’t be jealous, grandpa.” The microwave chimed and he turned to retrieve the plate, not bothering to grab a fork as he took the boxed cheesecake in his other hand. “And as you can see I’m just fine and dandy so you can go back to doing pushups in San Diego, m’kay?”

“No,” Steve said firmly. Tony stopped in front of him blocking the way out of the kitchen. “He’s using you. He’s seducing you to keep him safe. Can’t you see that?” Tony rolled his eyes but Steve continued, “Let’s say you’re right and Thor sent him here and he’s really telling you all about his past and everything else. What happens when he gets his powers back? Huh? He’s gonna stay a meek little puppy dog doing whatever you ask still, is that it?”

“He’s really more like a kitten,” Tony started to joke but Steve narrowed his gaze on him. Tony sobered up as he answered, “We’ll cross that bridge when it happens.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Steve hissed at him.

Tony’s gaze turned hard as he stepped in closer to Steve and snapped, “Let’s just all remember that this is my life and I can sleep with whoever I want to. Maybe things will go horribly fucking wrong when this is all said and done with but it’s my call and you can just get the hell out of my house.”

Steve kept his gaze a long moment more before he backed away, stepping aside and letting Tony pass by with his food.

The sound of a helicopter reverberated through the house as it did a slow and low fly by. Tony came to a stop in the living room, glancing out of the large array of windows to his right. He could see the black chopper looping across the ocean to face his house again. “You motherfucking asshole,” he snarled. He turned around to forcefully throw the food at Steve just behind him. He leapt away from the man and called out. “Jarvis! Get Loki up and dressed for flight.”

“He is awake and dressing as we speak, sir.”

Tony rushed headlong down the stairs to his lab.

“Who do you think Pepper called, Tony?!” Steve shouted, following after him. “I was the closest agent to your house.”

“And like the good soldier boy you are, you did just like they asked and drilled me for info.” Tony got the door to his lab open with a shove but was too slow to slam the door shut behind him to lock out Steve.

The man plowed in after him, “They had to know how compromised you were and if you’d give him up willingly.”

“Fuck you, Steve. Fuck. You.” He reached for the Mark VII bracelets off his desk, getting one on before he ducked a punch from Steve and leapt from the super soldier. He caught a flash of movement just above them and rolled away as Dummy dropped his robotic arm down between them, his clamp swiftly reaching for Steve’s left arm in a move that surprised the man. Dummy hefted him up by the arm and dangled him just off the ground. Steve threw a swing toward the robot but missed as it swung him backwards.

Steve grunted and for the moment ignored the robot as he looked back to Tony and pleaded, “Just calm down and let SHIELD take care of it. He’s not worth all this!”

Tony slapped the other bracelet on and stood upright, glaring at Steve as he heard the suit rev up behind him. “You have no idea what he’s worth.” He set his jaw and snapped, “Deploy!”

The suit leapt forward, suiting him up in a matter of seconds as it estimated where his body was in relation to the bracelets he held at his sides. He took off the instant the visor flipped down and the suit booted up. He flew past Steve struggling with Dummy and up the flight ramp out of his house, then took a sharp turn to face the building. He meant to break through one of his windows to get to Loki and then take the man as far away from here as he could.

The helicopter had landed on his rooftop, the blades still spinning, but his gaze wasn’t on the would-be-swat-team trying to get into his house. His gaze was drawn to just above the chopper. A clearly not human ship floated just above the oblivious men on his roof. It was reminiscent of a metallic reptile and the dark material of it stayed ominously black in the setting daylight. He’d seen something far larger when he’d pointed the nuke up the portal. The idiots had led the Chitauri straight to Loki.

“Fuck me,” he gasped and rushed headlong into the windows of his house, crashing through into the bedroom. He slammed into the far wall but rolled up onto his feet. Loki gaped at him. The man was in Loki’s old boots, a pair of black Stark branded sweatpants, and a dark leather jacket Tony recognized from his own closet. Good enough. He reached for the man and shouted through the helmet, “Time to go.” He wrapped an arm around him and took off back out of the hole he’d created coming in, making sure not to hit anything on the way out with Loki in his arm.


The wind whipped around them as they hurtled through the sky but Loki had time enough to look back over Stark’s shoulder to see both the SHIELD operatives rushing to get back into their helicopter and the far more terrifying Chitauri ship turning to give chase after them. He clung tighter with his arms around Stark’s neck as the wind whipped around them. What would they do? Where could they go? SHIELD likely knew where all of Stark’s holdings were but would they have agents at each of his buildings? What good would it do regardless, there was no good place to stand and fight.

He could just barely hear Stark arguing with what seemed like both Jarvis and SHIELD. He could only somewhat make out Stark’s comments but the tone shifted enough that Loki settled on those two parties. They looped low and took a sharp turn East into the hills. He had no fear of falling with Stark’s arm tightly around him. However the breakneck speed they were hurtling through the air was both dizzying and stunning in its force against his body. He should have found glasses or goggles of some sort. He spotted the Chitauri ship giving chase behind them and his stomach dropped as they appeared to be gaining on them. He ducked his head against Stark’s neck plate as they twirled between two ritzy homes and took another sharp turn, rushing headlong down and over a hill toward Los Angeles proper.

They dove low and dodged between buildings and streets in an attempt to lose the alien craft. It was larger than the two of them and took the corners less tightly. Finally it resorted to floating high over the cityscape to track them from above. “Hold on!” he heard Stark shout to him and then dove straight down into a subway station entrance tunnel. They flew past evening commuters and the tollbooth. They were a blur of movement as they rushed headlong over the crowd at the platform and hooked a left down one of the tunnels. It was a dangerous path directly over the subway tracks and perhaps straight into a train but it was brilliantly away from the Chitauri’s gaze. They could not track them here nor get to them without disembarking. They continued at breakneck speed as Stark seemed to be looking for something to their right.

It was a jarring turn as they nearly missed the doorway Stark was looking for and Loki’s legs went flying on down the tunnel as Stark spun around to make the turn. They went down a maintenance corridor and the enclosed space was suffocatingly close as they continued deep underneath the city. Pipes and control stations flew past them as they continued but he could feel their pace slowing some. Would they make their stand down here? Or was there somewhere they were going? A way out to lose the Chitauri?

They indeed took another turn and he could feel them moving upwards again toward the surface. He heard a blast and cast his gaze forward, spotting a blown open gate Stark has just taken out. Beyond it was sky and nothing more. Perhaps their cat and mouse game would work. Perhaps the Chitauri were too busy scanning for them and failing to find them long enough for them to slip away.

The exit before them went black and brick and steel collapsed forward as the Chitauri ship rammed down against the maintenance tunnel. Stark swore and turned back around, kicking his feet toward the ship as it collapsed the tunnel and shoved a docking bay into the space. Their momentum shifted and they started back down the way they’d come.

A metallic clank sounded as something hit and attached itself to the back of Stark’s suit. There was a blue flash that filled the tunnel with light for an instant. The Iron Man suit sputtered and the lights flickered alarmingly as they dropped. Stark rolled his body to hit the cement floor of the tunnel with his back, both arms going protectively around Loki as they crashed down and slid along the tunnel to a stop. His visor popped open just as the suit flickered and dimmed.

“Fuck!” Stark swore as he shifted to get up. “What did they hit me with?”

“I do not know. They had nothing which could do that previously.”

The docking bay of the ship opened in the mouth of the tunnel. Stark hefted the both of them onto their feet and turned to get them down the tunnel even if it was on their own two feet.

A shot rang from the Chitauri and a projectile hit the tunnel’s roof further ahead of Loki and Stark. The ceiling collapsed in. Dirt and brick rained down, forcing the two of them to stop as it barred their way.

“Pathetic,” came the deep voice of one of the Chitauri as they stalked out of the ship. Stark turned to face them and pushed Loki back behind him, putting himself between Loki and the five Chitauri that approached them. They were bigger and broader than the simple soldiers that had been Loki’s army. They were clearly high ranking officers with their more elaborate dress and facemasks. Their vaguely reptilian and scarred features were partially hidden behind the metallic masks.

Loki shook with memories of his time with the Chitauri. He was not ready to begin to deal with that part of his recent past. They had done much to persuade him to join them. He knew they would do far worse now that he had failed them.

Stark’s voice was positively cocky as he stalled, “That’s a nice trick shorting out the suit. Did you guys really find being blown up so annoying that you’d fixate on me? How sweet.”

Loki recalled the same tone from when he had confronted Stark a week ago. He did not take it as a positive sign. The man had very nearly gotten himself killed while stalling Loki.

“Your silly contraptions are not as complex as you might believe,” the Chitauri in the lead stated flatly as the group came to a stop in front of them a number of paces away. He leveled a weapon at Stark and demanded. “Move aside and stand down.”

“No can do, Godzilla. You’re not getting him.”

There was a grin on the Chitauri’s features as he snapped, “We will have him and we will have your blood for the lives you have taken from us.”

A blue projectile shot toward them but Stark dodged down out of the way, pulling Loki down with him.

The Chitauri moved forward again toward them. They held their fire. They wanted Loki alive, of that he was certain. They wished to torture him and a quick death was not in their plans for him. However he guessed they had no such plans for Stark. Loki stood and attempted to move around from behind Stark to protect him instead as he stated, “They won’t kill me; they wish to have me alive.”

“Death will not come to you until you’ve begged for the sweet release,” the Chitauri snarled.

Stark pulled himself up, not having it and stepping back around in front of Loki. “I gotta say with all the masks and the begging, you guys are into some kinky stuff. Ya know he begs much better when you treat him right.”

Loki blushed despite himself. The Chitauri sneered as they closed in, Stark hitting a ready stance with his fists up.

A blast came from behind them and the hole in the ceiling widened, light and fresh air coming in as Rogers and a team of SHIELD agents rushed down the rubble from the street above. Rogers was decked out in his usual attire, shield in hand now.

“About fucking time,” Stark snapped as Rogers came up to stand beside Stark, facing the agitated Chitauri. “Did you really have to stop to get changed?”

“I had some trouble getting your robot off me,” Rogers replied curtly back.

“I hope you didn’t hurt him, he’s an antique at this point.”

The Chitauri snarled and opened fire on the SHIELD team, sending them scrambling for cover.

“We gotta get outta here!” Rogers shouted.

“And go where exactly?” Stark questioned. “You can take them, old man.”

Rogers cast a glance at Loki. The blond man looked irritated and thoroughly annoyed at the entire situation. He turned back to Stark. “I’m going to need some help.” Stark nodded and the two of them rushed forward into the midst of the Chitauri.

Loki loathed being so utterly helpless. SHIELD agents moved forward to surround Loki in a protective maneuver but the Chitauri swiftly fired on them, sending the agents scrambling for cover. Loki stood his own ground, knowing they would not shoot him. He watched as Rogers’ shield flew and knocked two Chitauri back, leaping at a third while Stark knocked another down with a headlong rush into him. The armor on Stark at the very least kept any hits from hurting the man too terribly but the battle was clearly in the Chitauri’s favor. More blows landed on Rogers and his shield was caught by a Chitauri and quickly tossed back toward their ship and out of Rogers’ reach. Three worked to pin down Rogers as one kept Stark’s attention. The one who had spoken stalked up to Loki, scattering the SHIELD agents around Loki once more with a round of projectiles launched at them as he approached.

“You are ours,” the Chitauri sneered, reaching to clamp his large hand around Loki’s throat. “It will be a pathetic weak end to your fate.”

A thunderous boom resonated from above, shaking the tunnel below. The Chitauri looked to the open ceiling above but could not dodge the hammer that flew into his chest, knocking him back into the fray and away from Loki.

“You do have a way of finding trouble, brother,” Thor boomed as he came to stand beside Loki.

Loki had not been so pleased to see his brother in ages. Thor raised his hammer preparing to join the fray but everything seemed to stop as Stark cried out in pain. Rogers was heaved out of the mass of Chitauri and landed with a thump before Thor and Loki, groaning as he rolled onto his back. His suit was ripped and ragged with claw marks. Another cry sounded from Stark as all five of the Chitauri surrounded him, heaving him up off the tunnel’s floor face down. Each had him by a limb in their firm grips, quite literally crushing the Iron Man suit in their grips. The tunnel went quiet except for the anguished cries that Stark couldn’t hold back and the sickening sound of metal caving in on itself as they continued to squeeze.

Stop!” shouted Loki in panic, taking a step toward the Chitauri. Thor reached to hold him back.

The Chitauri paused and Stark’s head slumped toward the ground in relief. The fifth member of the group stepped to grab Stark by the back of his helmet, jerking Stark’s head up and squeezing down on the metal. The Chitauri sneered at Loki, “You will come with us. Now.”

The helmet began to cave in but Stark cried out, “No, stay there, stay there!” Only to fall into a scream as the other Chitauri resumed caving in the metal around his limbs.

It was his nightmare come to life - each Chitauri ripping and pulling him apart. Only it was far worse. Stark had taken his place. His screams were gut wrenching. They cut to the very core of Loki’s soul. This was not happening. He would not allow it. He would not allow them to hurt Stark. He would not allow them to hurt Anthony!

Loki took another step forward and pushed past Thor’s protective grip. “You will let him go,” Loki demanded.

“Come with us and he may yet live,” the Chitauri bargained.

“You will release him now,” Loki snarled, dark command filling his voice as he took another step forward. He would not allow them to hurt Anthony. He would not allow this to pass. He would stop them. He would protect Anthony with every last inch of his being and to hell with any consequences. He marched forward, fists clenched and fuming at the wretched creatures that would dare to harm Anthony.

Something inside him gave way. In one committed step of selfless protection, he felt a rush of power surge back through him. An invisible wave of energy seemed to rush up his legs and torso, cascading over him. He gasped at the surge of power that filled him again. It was nearly overwhelming in difference. He was whole once more. He paused, looking down at his fingers as he opened and closed his hands into fists. He was himself again. He looked back to the Chitauri who seemed not to have noticed the change. They goaded Loki on as they returned to crushing the suit around Anthony’s limbs.

Loki smiled wickedly at the five of them and sneered, “You will learn to regret this day before you die.” He balled his fists and ice quickly formed around his hands, encasing them and swiftly forming two long shafts, each of which came to a keen sword’s edge. The ice encased his wrists and he heard the clatter of metal as the cast from his left hand snapped apart and fell to the ground, no longer needed. His skin turned blue and marked as he invoked his Jotunheim roots. He leapt at them with all his might, jumping the sizable distance between them before they could react, and sliced one in half instantly. They released Anthony and turned to face him but he was all protective fury and rage. He landed in their midst to crouch over Anthony in his crushed suit. He conjured up mirror images of himself surrounding the Chitauri, confusing them as to which was truly him. Then he struck at them with fierce vengeance. He moved in a blur and ducked any attempts to touch him. Each Chitauri fell before him as he effortlessly danced between them, using magic to knock back any who got too close. The last foul creature attempted to run but he would not have it. He heard Thor likely tell him to stop but he was in no mood for mercy. He leapt after the final Chitauri and landed solidly behind him, ramming his ice swords into the Chitauri’s spine and sending his frost into the creature’s body, freezing him from the inside out before he fell and shattered against the tunnel’s floor.

He turned to march back over to Anthony and glared at the SHIELD agents that leveled pitiful weapons on him. Rogers was on his feet again with clear concern and shock on his features. Thor appeared more curious than concerned. Loki ignored them all as he released the magic and the ice faded from his hands, his form returning to his usual Asgardian appearance. He knelt beside Anthony and he heard the man actually give a weak little chuckle.

“You really are blue,” he teased in a rough, hoarse voice.

“I told you it was so,” Loki soothed to Anthony, gently turning the man onto his back and running his hand along the metal horribly squeezing his savior. Anthony moaned at being moved and Loki could hear Thor and Rogers stepping toward them. He ignored both and focused on Anthony in front of him, knitting his brow as he worked out just the right spell to extricate Anthony. “Release,” he breathed and mentally pushed the armor off Anthony’s body with very well placed thrusts of air pushing the armor out away from Anthony’s body, finding weak spots and the built in hinges and unlocking them, breaking the armor into pieces. It all fell away from him with a metallic clank and Anthony gasped as the pressure on his head and limbs was released.

Loki reached to pull the chest piece and helm off Anthony, tossing both aside. Anthony groaned and admitted, “You might not move me just yet.” Then he smiled up at Loki and hummed, “You saved me. My big blue hero.”

Loki blushed just a little as he returned the adoring smile. “You are the true hero,” he sighed, and meant it. Anthony was and would always be a far greater man than he. “My hero.”

“Oh no, now you’re gonna go and get mushy on me,” Anthony teased him and Loki’s smile grew.

“Only just a little,” Loki promised and cupped Anthony’s cheek, taking the wounded man in. It was his fault. The Chitauri would never have hurt Anthony if he had not picked him as his exile. “I am sorry.”

Anthony returned the adoring look and whispered, “I’d go through far worse for you, baby.”



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